Episode #1 – Hello World


Launch episode explaining our motivations for being Clojure and ClojureScipt enthusiasts.

Show Notes:


Music: Thanks to the very talented ptzery for the permitting us to use his music on the opening and closing of the podcast. This track is Melon Hamburger. You can hear more on his SoundCloud.

Audio: Thanks to the audio wizard and general tech hero, Mr Wouter Dullaert for mixing the show and helping us to overcome some serious technical issues.

Web sites mentioned:

Twitter accounts to follow:

  • @cognitect – info from the mother ship
  • @richhickey – low volume account from the creator of Clojure / ClojureScript
  • @swannodette – David Nolen, Mr ClojureScript
  • @puredanger : Alex Miller -core language committer, organises interesting events
  • @mfikes – builds ClojureScript tools for iOS and OS/X